Last stopover done and dusted and what a great stopover it was.

The people of Derry-Londonderry really get behind the Clipper Race being in town, with their fabulous Foyle Maritime Festival which included a night parade of light with fireworks. I even got to go for a surf, so that was pretty cool even though it was a tad small.

Here we are sailing in the dark, we have had a shocker of a night. We started off with a great start and ended up being second out of the very picturesque River Foyle. Then ohh no, another light wind patch, so the fleet compressed again, it was a game of snakes and ladders, then in the end we ended up on a snake.

So now we are playing a bit of catch up, and the troubler is now, all we wanted to do was cover Visit Seattle, we were doing a good job of it, then when dark came we lost them, couldn’t pick them out on the radar and now she has sneaked off somewhere.

There is a little sea sickness on board, which we are usually pretty lucky with, hopefully it won’t last too long.

How’s the serenity?
Love youse all,


Until Race Start : The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg Map + Race Standings