Today we found a hitch hiker. Whilst I was in my spa - i.e., the Laz - checking the steering and having a facial, I found Nasduck no.3. He is welcome on board and now will sit happily in the nav area with liberty duck, next to another loved up couple Fern and Fernando the flamingos. Finding no.3 made me laugh till I cried, luckily we do not have to clear customs and immigration in Liverpool as he doesn’t have his passport on him.

Monday night when we approached Virtual Mark Hutchings it was a bit of old school nav skills coming out. We were on port tack with about five boats laying the mark on starboard, so this means we are the give way vessel. The old taking a bearing on them and watching to see if it changes.

Also thanks GT (skipper of Garmin) as he was on the same tack as us, just slightly to windward. I radioed him to ask who was who in the line-up. I did this so I could radio the said boat, in this case it was Unicef and then GREAT Britain, just to let them know that we could see them and would duck underneath them because our AIS is not transmitting whether they could not see us. So, thanks GT for your assistance.

We do have a new AIS on board now. It is Annie’s information service. During daylight hours when she is on watch, she basically has the binoculars glued to her face to see where and who is around us, then it’s plotted on the radar. But when healing over so much as we are sailing upwind, it doesn’t always work.

Back to our hitchhiker. I have just read Rob's blog, our duck is called Wally so it looks like we are the proud owner of wall city duck. He looks happy in his new place, giving coy shy smiles to liberty duck.

Overnight the breeze picked up a little more so it’s back to living on the north edge, good thing the green monster has left the boat. But the breeze will increase in the afternoon, so maybe it will come back.

Again, it’s been an up and down day and night, sometimes we do ok, then sometimes we don’t do so ok. But all is well on the mighty Sanya Serenity Coast.

How’s the serenity?

Love youse all,


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