It’s been a day of whatever she does, we do (Nikki that is, hi Nikki). Sometimes she is ahead, sometimes we are. I’m sure if Nikki sneezed so would I. In a master move yesterday, when we were halfway through a yankee change (Nikki had just done hers), she tacked, so we did something you don’t see often on a Clipper 70 yacht - we did a tack change. This means the current working yankee comes down on the leeward side, then you tack so the leeward side has the new sail on it and we can hoist it easier and quicker. It worked well and we didn’t lose any time to Visit Seattle. We are currently reaching along the bottom of the course on our way over the top of the Isles of Scilly. It’s a bit of a drag race, but nice to be sailing in a straight line and in the correct direction finally.

It seemed once we rounded the mark Fastnet and eased away slightly, the mood on the boat lightened. I don’t know if it’s because of the upwind, the nearly finished the race, or the need to stick to our race plan that has made the boat a bit more quiet.

One full night of sailing left then a short sprint up the river. On Friday night we have an eclipse so let’s hope the sky is clear. Not much else to say as I’m trying to catch up on some sleep.

How’s the serenity?

Love youse all,


Until Race Start : The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg Map + Race Standings