Race 2 - Day 8
Skipper Report
12 October

Wendy Tuck
Wendy Tuck
Team Sanya Serenity Coast
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A great night of blast reaching along. The smiles on the crews faces as they come stumbling down the companion way is so cool.

I covered a watch as one of our best Helms was on galley duty. He needed the break so that’s why I didn’t swap him out.

It was amazing, sitting down the back during the night; it was like someone had got a disco ball and smashed it and thrown it in our wake. The bioluminescence was way cool; sometimes there would be spray with it in flying onto the Main, just where the Chinese flag is so it looked like the stars where sparkling. Not that you could tell it landed where the stars were as it was way too dark.

Having breakfast this morning with Port Watch on Serenity Hills (the name for the windward saloon settee in the galley area. The leeward one is called Serenity Valley of course, named by Thomas Stanley); a new game was invented.

I have an A3 size leader board up that we have showing boats and distance to finish. Well today’s number for most boats was under 2000nm, so as a fun way to pass a few minutes, for each number we guessed at what happened in that year…

1905 - an unsuccessful revolution in Russia

1966 - England won the World Cup. (The look on Oliver Curry’s face when I suggested he was born in that year...)

1991 - the year Oliver was born. Really, are people really born that late?!

2225 - Buck Rogers invades some far off galaxy

Breakfast was bought to us by "Serenity Cliffside Cafe" serving the communities of Serenity Hills and Serenity Valley since August 2017.

The fun and games will continue today as this low passes over us and leaves a bit of wishy washy stuff. We are all so close and any little break you get can become the game changer. Anyway, back to studying the weather pictures.

Love youse all