Additional Points for Mission Performance

17 January 2016

Mission Performance has been awarded additional points to reflect the disadvantage it suffered by experiencing less favourable wind conditions following rendering assistance to a boat in distress. It will not affect the positions or points for the last race but will influence the overall leaderboard.

Race Director Justin Taylor explains the race committee’s decision: “We had another look at the incident where Mission Performance, which was lying in 5th place, went to the aid of another yacht that was in distress. The skipper originally requested redress of 11 hours and 36 minutes. The Race Committee actually awarded 3 more minutes than this. The total redress was therefore 11 hours 39 minutes.

“However, at the conclusion of Race 6 it became conclusive that Mission Performance was further disadvantaged by having different wind conditions and was therefore not able to compete at the same level as the other yachts. They eventually came 12th and scored 1 point. An unlikely outcome considering their previous race performances.

“The Racing Rules of Sailing allow the Race Committee to adjust the points awarded in a race but not to modify a decision that has already been made as to redress. Therefore, the Race Committee has decided to adjust Mission Performance’s score for Race 6 to eight points. This is what they would have scored if they had come fifth, being the place they were in when they suspended racing. Their actual race finish position of 12th will remain unchanged. This means that all the other yachts’ points and positions for Race 6 remain unchanged.”

Mission Performance will receive 7 extra points to put them in fifth overall. This puts Qingdao in sixth and Da Nang – Viet Nam in seventh.

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