03 October 2015

The Race office has announced that repairs to LMAX Exchange and Qingdao will mean a delay in them starting the race to Cape Town, the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms, anticipated to be no later than Sunday 11 October 2015, four days later than the scheduled start for the fleet which is to depart on Wednesday 7 October at 1800 UTC (1500 Local Time).

LMAX Exchange and Qingdao will match race each other across the South Atlantic and have their positions decided on an elapsed time basis with the rest of the fleet.

LMAX Exchange ran aground in the early hours of Wednesday 30 September at Restinga da Marambaia while on the way to Verolme, Angra Dos Reis, to be lifted for branding repairs. Qingdao took supplies to the scene and stood by to support operations. However it suffered a ‘propeller wrap’ when a line was caught by the propeller; the boat drifted without engine and was washed onto the sand, but has successfully been re-floated this afternoon, local time.

The decision has been taken to prioritise towing Qingdao to the Marina at Verolme, Angra Dos Reis, first, and the tug will return to re-float LMAX Exchange at first light tomorrow morning local time (Sunday 4 October).

Both boats will be lifted for assessment of any damage and to effect repairs. They are anticipated to be ready to sail within seven days (Sunday 11 October).

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