11 October 2015


LMAX Exchange and Qingdao have started Race 2 in a Le Mans start off the Brazilian coast at 0510 UTC today ( Sunday). They will be racing to Cape Town under elapsed time.

Olivier Cardin, Skipper of LMAX Exchange, said prior to departing: We are excited to get back to racing after this week. The boat is ready, refuelled and the crew want to get racing.

"We are leaving three days after the rest of the fleet so there’s some real motivation to do well. The crew always want to trim so I’m pretty confident that we’re going to record a good time across to Cape Town."

Igor Gotlibovych, Skipper of Qingdao, added: "Race 2 will be very different from the last race. We can expect some real Southern Ocean conditions at times, we will be following the track of a Southern Atlantic depression all the way to Cape Town hopefully.

"As it transitions between the depressions it can be tricky with very variable conditions. We have been a bit longer than we expected so all of us are keen to depart and get racing.

"The fact we’re leaving the same time as LMAX Exchange will give us that extra push but at the same time we are aware that we cannot control the weather that the other boats which are ahead of us are experiencing so we will focus initially on LMAX Exchange."

UPDATE 1730 UTC 1430 Local Time Friday 9 October 2015
The Brazilian authorities have delayed the time they wish to inspect the yachts (1500 local time Friday) before they can depart Verolme. This is now planned for 1030 local time tomorrow (Saturday).

Once the inspection is completed the yachts will be re-launched and motor sail to the starting position. This position has been calculated to be exactly the same distance as the other ten yachts will sail, 3387 nautical miles.

The start will employ the Le Mans starting procedure and will be at approximately 2200 local time or 0100 UTC (Sunday).

UPDATE 2030 UTC 1730 Local Time Thursday 8 October 2015

The Surveyor has today signed off CV24 LMAX Exchange and CV28 Qingdao. CV24 has had both rudders refitted already and work is progressing well on both keels.

Race Director Justin Taylor says he anticipates that the yachts may therefore be ready to start Race 2, the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms on Saturday.

A further update will be issued tomorrow (Friday)


The yard is continuing to make good progress. No unexpected damage has been discovered and the Race Office still anticipates that both yachts will be ready to race on Sunday 11 October.

We have been advised that both boats can depart from Verolme and clear immigration through Angra. If this is confirmed the start point and route will ensure that the overall route is the same length as for the rest of the fleet and elapsed time will be calculated to determine final positions. This will be reviewed and further details issued.


All four rudders have now been removed and are in the workshop for repair, which is anticipated to be completed on Thursday. They will then be fitted together with other work which should enable both LMAX Exchange and Qingdao to return to Marina da Gloria on Sunday 11 October ahead of starting Race 2 to Cape Town on an elapsed time basis.

UPDATE 1515 UTC / 1215 local time Sunday 4 October 2015

CV24 LMAX Exchange was successfully re-floated at 1215 local time (1515 UTC) at Restinga da Marambaia. The vessel will now be towed to the marina at Verolme, Angra Dos Reis, to join CV28 Qingdao which was towed there last night, to be assessed, lifted and repaired as required. CV24 is expected to arrive in Verolme at 2100 UTC/1800 local time.

UPDATE 2100 UTC / 1800 local time Saturday 3 October 2015

While assisting the operation CV28, Qingdao, suffered a prop wrap when a line was caught by the propeller; the boat drifted without engine and was washed onto the sand, but was subsequently re-floated. The decision was taken for the tug to prioritise taking CV28 to the marina at Verolme, Angra Dos Reis, first, and will return to re-float CV24 at first light tomorrow local time (Sunday 4 October)

UPDATE 1300 UTC /1000 local time 3 October 2015

Additional paperwork has been completed overnight and equipment will be in place for the re-float to be at high water later this afternoon around 1700 local time / 2000 UTC

UPDATED 2230 UTC / 1930 local time 2 October 2015

All approvals have now been received from the numerous local authorities and interested parties to re-float CV24, LMAX Exchange. This will happen at first light tomorrow, Saturday 3 October.

CV28 Qingdao is standing by and CV26 ClipperTelemed+ is departing this evening with additional Race Office staff to support operations.

A review of the incident has ruled out equipment error. The Race Office has also stated that skipper Olivier Cardin will continue to lead his team.

UPDATE 2000 UTC /1700 local time 1 October 2015

Plans have progressed today to refloat CV24: The required equipment has been commissioned and local approvals are being finalised. A further update will be posted when we have more information.

UPDATE 2000 UTC/1700 local time

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is with our Race Office team on site with CV24 which ran aground on a sandy outcrop 42 miles southwest of Marina da Gloria. He reports that the only damage appears to be the starboard rudder, which can be repaired.

Sir Robin said: “The hull is intact and the boat is secured by its anchor. We will remain on site to await the arrival of heavier equipment to get her off.”

Sir Robin and our Race Office Team were transferred to the site of the incident by CV27, GREAT Britain, which is now returning to Marina da Gloria.

CV24 LMAX Exchange was transferring to another marina to be lifted for the application of new hull branding when the incident occurred around midnight local time last night. There were no injuries.

Sir Robin, members of the Race Office team and the LMAX Exchange skipper and three crew are remaining with CV24.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL 0600 UTC / 0300 Local Time Wednesday 30 September 2015:

While transiting to another marina to be lifted for the application of new hull graphics, CV24 (LMAX Exchange) has run aground. There are no injuries and the local coast guard has been informed. Skipper Olivier Cardin and three crew aboard are assessing the situation and awaiting further instructions.

The incident occurred approximately 42 miles from Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (where the Clipper Race fleet is berthed), at night in light winds and good visibility. The skipper informed the Clipper Race Office at 0012 hrs local time / 0312 UTC.

Race officials travelled to the site on board the GREAT Britain yacht and are currently working on a plan to refloat CV24.

More details will be issued as we have them.

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