15 March 2018

ETAs shown in local China Standard Time (UTC+8) across the Finish Line for Race 8: Sailing City Qingdao Cup.

These are best estimates based on the latest weather and the average speeds of the fleet. Weather conditions may cause these times to change. ETAs are to the finish line which is approximately eleven nautical miles out from Wanda Marina in Qingdao. Please add up to three hours for arrival into the dock.

Team arrivals into Wanda Marina will only take place between 09:00 and 17:00 local time (UTC+8) due to customs, so please note arrival into port could take place the following day. These times will be updated regularly leading up to Race Finish.


Thursday 15 March 2018

Visit Seattle - FINISHED @ 00:04:11 local time (16:04:11 UTC 14/3/2018)

Sanya Serenity Coast - FINISHED @ 01:12:58 local time (17:12:58 UTC 14/3/2018)

Liverpool 2018 - FINISHED @ 02:25 local time (18.25 UTC 14/3/2018)

PSP Logistics: FINISHED @ 07:42 local time (23:42 UTC 14/3/2018)

Qingdao: FINISHED @ 10:40:42 local time (02:40:42 UTC) NB: 1hr 55mins redress applied

Garmin: FINISHED @ 13:38 local time (05:38 UTC)

Nasdaq: FINISHED @ 17:08 local time (09:08 UTC) NB: 1hr 45mins redress applied,

GREAT Britain: FINISHED @ 18:56 local time (10:56 UTC)

Dare To Lead: FINISHED @ 19:10 local time (11:10 UTC)

Unicef: FINISHED @ 21:47:51 local time (13:47:51 UTC)

Friday 16 March 2018

HotelPlanner.com: FINISHED @ 06:57:12 local time (22:57:12 UTC)

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