Esha (pictured on left) is originally from India but grew up in Belgium and Israel. She currently lives in Reading, UK where she has just completed a degree in Biomedical Science. Before Esha, who will be circumnavigating on board Team Olivier, takes to the professional world she tells us why she thinks the Clipper Race will be a challenge of a lifetime.

Name: Esha Mehta
Occupation: Student
Belgian / Indian
Signed up for:
Clipper 2015-16 Race Circumnavigation

How did you find out about the Clipper Race?
I heard about the Clipper Race through one of my friends, Kees Postma, who did the 2013-14 race. I saw his posts on Facebook all the time and then his face started popping up on London Tubes and all over my local train station in Reading. That was cool.

What made you decide to do the whole circumnavigation?
The more I looked into it, the more I convinced myself this was what I wanted to do. I just finished my undergrad and I’m not sure what I want to continue working in but I didn’t want to go straight into working in a lab or an office.

I love the water and I can’t think of a better way to see the world. It’s a challenge of a lifetime. I know that if I miss this chance I’ll regret it. Plus it’s one year. A year is a long time but at the same time it’s nothing.

What about the race are you must looking forward to?
Certainly Leg 1 to Brazil, and my first time really getting close to the equator. I’m looking forward to Australia too as it is another new continent for me to visit. I’m terrified of Leg 6 - the Pacific is just huge! I’m very, very much looking forward to the Panama Canal. I really appreciate things man has done with nature. I think it is incredible and the chance to say I went through it appealed hugely.

I’m also looking forward to learning a million new things, meeting people I would never normally encounter and coming back a better, stronger person I imagine.

How have you found the training?
The training has been very informative. Amazing how much you learn through the levels. It’s mad, it’s fun. Level 1 was a lot of teaching, Level 2 was getting used to the life. Levels 3 and 4 were very similar but 4 was obviously even more realistic because of the racing and you don’t come in at night so can’t take a shower. It’s shocking but week actually flew by, I’m not sure where the time went.

I’m not used to living at a 45 degree angle but who is?! We had quite a lot of that during Level 4. Tacking, and falling out of my bunk too. That was very informative and I now know how to tie a very solid lee cloth. Like most, I learnt the hard way! Also the cooking, and getting a bit seasick downstairs has been a challenge but I’ve been working out how to beat it.

What do your family and friends think?
Half my family and friends think I’m crazy. The other half are really jealous. I think they are all really proud of me though. My Mum will definitely come and visit me with socks, food, sweets, socks, probably more socks. All that.

Before the race I will now be spending a lot of time with my family and friends, training, trying to getting my fitness up, and will be learning to bake bread. It’s getting close now. Can’t wait!

If you would like to join Esha to race the world’s oceans this year, please get in touch via the apply section of the website. We are now also recruiting for the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

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