​Meet the Qingdao Ambassadors: Jingqiu (Lisa) Liu

13 March 2018

For most Clipper Race crew, the upcoming Stopover will be their first time in Qingdao. But many will arrive knowing much about China’s Sailing City, thanks to the Qingdao Ambassadors racing on board Qingdao.

A total of 15 Qingdao Ambassadors will have taken part in the Clipper 2017-18 Race when the team completes the circumnavigation in Liverpool, UK, on 28 July, with one or two joining the Qingdao team for each one of the eight legs.

The Ambassador program has been running since the Clipper Race first partnered with Qingdao in the 2005-06 edition of the race. It was founded as a way of promoting China’s Sailing City and event hosting capabilities, build on its Olympic legacy, and inspire the Chinese nation by encouraging future sailing participation.

Over the past 13 years, the Qingdao Ambassador programme has been a great success, producing both Guo Chuan and Vicky Song, who became the first ever Chinese woman to circumnavigate the planet when she completed in the Clipper 2013-14 Race.

In the lead up to the fleet’s arrival at the Wanda Yacht Club, here is a chance to get to know some of the Qingdao Ambassadors a little better.

Name: Jingqiu (Lisa) Liu

Age: 37

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Manager of Electric Technology Company

Leg: The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg 1

Team: Qingdao

Liu Jingqiu’s Leg of the Clipper Race was the 32 day, 6,400 nautical mile race across the Atlantic Ocean from Liverpool, UK, to Punta del Este, Uruguay. It was the longest leg in the history of the Clipper Race, and included an Equator crossing, the Doldrums, and a tricky mix of strong gusts and wind holes. It was an opening race that was as mentally testing as it was physically demanding, and it was also one of the best experiences of her life.

“The first couple of days were hard as I was seasick, cold and was getting little sleep,” she said.

“But it was amazing to be a part of a team and finish the longest leg of the entire race. When we arrived into Punta del Este, I just felt so proud of myself and my team.”

It has been some months now since Liu Jingqiu finished her leg of the Clipper Race, but she plans to keep on building what she has learnt, saying ‘sailing will always be a part of my life’.

Liu Jingqiu will be one of the Qingdao Ambassadors who will return to help during the Clipper Race Stopover at the Wanda Yacht Club. Whilst manning the Clipper Race Red Dome, she will be able to share her experiences and knowledge of the race and boats with the general public.

“It will be wonderful to be a part of the Clipper Race again and to see all my teammates,” she said.

“The Qingdao Ambassador programme is a great way to get more Chinese people involved in sailing and to also showcase Qingdao with the rest of the world.

“I feel very lucky and proud to be a Qingdao Ambassador for the Clipper 2017-18 Race and can’t wait to welcome everyone to my home.”

Keep up to date with the latest progress of the Clipper Race fleet via the Race Viewer and you can also hear more from the Skippers and crew on the Team Pages.

The eleven Clipper Race teams are expected to complete the 1,700 nautical mile Race 8: The Sailing City Qingdao Cup between 13 – 16 March 2018. See the latest ETAS or keep an eye on the Race Viewer to follow the progress of the teams.

This will be the seventh time the Clipper Race has included Qingdao as a Host Port on its global racing route, with the city the longest serving Host Port Partner of the race. For the first time, Clipper Race crews will berth at the newly constructed Wanda Yacht Club, a state of the art facility in western Qingdao. To learn more about what the teams can expect in Qingdao, visit the Host Port page.

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