Meet the Team – Emily Bambridge

05 September 2016

With the 2016 sailing calendar in full swing, we welcome the friendly face of Emily Bambridge to the team to assist with the Clipper Events sailing days and regattas this summer season. We have a packed programme for our Clipper 68s and the Clipper 70 fleet which has just completed its second circumnavigation of the world’s oceans.

Emily, whose background is in hospitality, has just stepped off the 2015-16 edition of the Clipper Race, having sailed 21,832 nautical miles across the planet. Her journey on board Visit Seattle took her from London to Brazil, and then from China back to London via the USA, Panama, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.

Talking about her experience, Emily says: “I saw the race when I was 18 and didn’t think I’d ever get to do it, until my friend from the 2013-14 race did the full circumnavigation. He posted on social media that he was doing the race and was in London for the start so I went to there to see the fleet and then the next day got the brochure. I am glad I did.

“I have sailed since a child and after a break in adult life it was something I wanted to get back into. On board the boat you have to be a happy person and be flexible and that’s generally the way I am although I must admit I am OCD at times! I love being in the galley on board a boat, I am very clean and tidy and I have discovered I fold everything! I have always pushed myself to do new stuff or something different and I have met some fantastic people as part of the experience.

“The highlight has been the achievement of doing something that is unusual, it’s easy to fall into a pattern and it’s quite nice to shake it up a bit. It still doesn’t seem real that I have crossed so many oceans.”

Emily began working in the hospitality industry 16 years ago, starting her career in Silver Service while a student at Portsmouth University and working at a the Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club. It was there she learnt naval etiquette which she has carried with her throughout her career. Originally from Kent, Emily moved back to her home county after university and worked for a football club on its big events programme and in various hotels, including 5* Stoke Park Country Club and Spa Hotel.

A self-confessed people person, Emily enjoys learning new skills and will put her hand to anything, including working as a commis chef at the Lanesborough Hotel in London before becoming an NVQ Assessor for training in the industry.

“I love hospitality, meeting and helping people,” Emily says. “When I saw the Clipper Events Assistant job I knew I didn’t want to leave just yet, I wanted to work for the company because I have enjoyed the race and being a part of it from the beginning.

“It excited me to work with the boats and the people and combine my two passions. I am thrilled to be able to marry the two together, hospitality is my background and I did some of the corporate sails on the race in China and the US, it was great fun to do, to meet the clients and talk about the boats that you called home. It’s all about the people and to make sure that they have a good time and you will do anything to make sure they get that.”

For the last fortnight, Emily has been getting to grips with this year’s Clipper Events programme, which includes the Clipper City Challenge and introducing herself to the clients. Emily’s role is in both the office and on the water to ensure the clients have the best time on board – no experience necessary.

When asked what the funniest thing she had been asked to do at an event was, Emily said: “The quirkiest thing I have had to do was at a wedding. The bride liked Elvis and as a surprise, the groom dressed up as him after the first dance to serenade his new wife. I had to help coordinate the surprise and the music and of course keep it a secret! It went off without a hitch. He was amazing and the bride loved it!”

Upcoming Clipper Events:

26 December 2016: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (Australia)
5 - 12 August 2017: Rolex Fastnet Race (UK)

To discover more about any of our events and join us out on the water, contact Events Manager, Emma Eason: [email protected]

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