Party Time for Team with Most Social Spirit

30 June 2016

With three races left to complete it means there are three more chances for teams to win the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award and our Official Wine Partner is offering a mega party to the overall winners of the award for the Clipper 2015-16 Race edition.

The team that has won the most Stormhoek Social Spirit Awards by the time the fleet arrives in London for Race Finish will be crowned the winner and awarded with a party worth £2,000.

While the crew are racing, it is up to friends, family and fellow leggers ashore to nominate their team for the award. To nominate, a reason must be given as to why that particular Skipper and crew should be considered for the award on Stormhoek Wine’s Facebook page.

The Stormhoek Social Spirit Award was introduced by Bernard Fontannaz, owner of Stormhoek Wines, after his wife Sue took part in the 2013-14 race edition because he wanted to honour the team spirit and strength shown among the crew throughout their global adventure.

Bernard says: “Given everything that has happened in the news recently, more than ever, we realised how important it is to celebrate community and being together.

“The Stormhoek Social Spirit is about celebrating the fact that one can see past what makes us different, that we can celebrate that we are, first and foremost, human and social. Although diverse in our origins we laugh and cry together, dream big and challenge ourselves, and always remember that life is better when we are together and when we can share it".

The nomination window for the Race 12 LegenDerry Finale Stormhoek Social Spirit Award opens today and closes when the teams get to Derry-Londonderry.

The nomination window for Race 13 from Derry-Londonderry to Den Helder will open on Monday 18 July with that prize being awarded during the stopover in The Netherlands.

The final nomination window for Race 14 will be a very short one from 28 – 29 July for Race 14 from Den Helder to London (approximately 36 hours).

To date the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award has been awarded to the following:

Race 1: IchorCoal
Race 2: Garmin
Race 3: Visit Seattle
Race 4: Da Nang – Viet Nam
Race 5: Da Nang – Viet Nam
Race 6: Mission Performance
Race 7: Visit Seattle
Race 8: LMAX Exchange
Race 9: Clipper Race family
Race 10: PSP Logistics
Race 11: ClipperTelemed+

There are three races left to give your team the chance to win so get on Facebook and get nominating!

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