Day 2 of arrivals into Puerto Sherry was a busy one, with the remaining teams arriving into port to a big welcome and sunny skies, ready to relax after a tricky first race of the circuit.

Seventh placed Washington, DC arrived in the marina under sunny skies to a warm welcome on the dock. Skipper Hannah Brewis comments on the first race: “We had tough conditions, much tougher than everyone expected. The middle of the race was hard, but we managed to make up for it and gain a few places. The crew should be really proud of themselves, and I think motivation is high for the next race! We’ve had lots of fun and giggles, and we are definitely excited to be here in Spain. We are looking forward to a real bed and some nice food- we have eaten well on board but some nice seafood delicacies will be nice!”

Image: Washington DC team

Cameron McCracken, Washington, DC’s AQP added: “I think we are all just overwhelmingly happy. The progression among the crew from start to finish has been enormous. The watches are working autonomously now, which is fantastic to see for me and Hannah.”

Image: Washington DC arrive to roses and sherry from Puerto Sherry

Next to arrive was Zhuhai, placing ninth on this first race. James Finney, Zhuhai skipper said: “We are feeling pretty good! It was an interesting race, and lots happened. We did so well to find out way back into fourth, and then we just had a tactical decision that didn’t quite go the way we hoped, but I am still so proud of all the crew. They have been fantastic and it's great to finally get to Puerto Sherry!

Image: Zhuhai arrival into Puerto Sherry

Image: Zhuhai team

“There was a lot of sail changes, a lot of variable weather and a bit of Doldrums training at the end. It was a tough race.”

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam was next to dock, with AQP Ella Hebron reflecting on the first race: “It was a great experience and great racing. We had loads of conditions and learnt loads of lessons but the crew have bonded and we are ready to smash Race 2! I’m really proud- the difference between the beginning of the race and the end was incredible.”

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam arrives in Puerto Sherry

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam team

Skipper Josh Stickland added: “Race 1 completed. Not our wanted result, but we have had a think, got our heads together and we are ready for the second race. The team have improved loads and loads. It’s nice that they are getting along and gelling as a team.”

Rounding off the second day of arrivals was Bekezela and Dare to Lead. AQP on board Bekezela, Maisie Bristow commended her team: “We are super proud! We all came together towards the end. We’ve been working and working and the team are progressing with everything, and the crew are getting things done without us having to ask which is amazing.”

Image: Bekezela team arrival

Skipper of Bekezela David Hartshorn also arrived in great spirits and with huge pride for the team. He said: “I am super proud of the team. Although we have come tenth, position aside, we have had a great race. When we had it together the helming was awesome, the boat speed was fantastic. We have had some teething problems but the learning has been fantastic- the potential here is awesome and I think we are about to tear this race apart. We don’t need to build anything now, it is built and we just need to unleash it now!”

Image: AQP Maisie Bristow

Ryan Gibson, Skipper of Dare to Lead reported on Race 1 from the dock: “It was good! A lot of different weather conditions, we had pretty much everything. Everyone did well and we look forward to the next one already! It’s just about sticking to the basics and learning from each other, and the progression throughout the whole race was really good. Charlie [Warhurst. AQP] and I work together really well-I'm very happy I’ve got him as AQP. The team have done really really well.”

Image: Dare to Lead skipper Ryan Gibson

AQP Charlie said: “Race 1 was a bit brutal! I don’t think we did a single watch without doing a sail change, so everyone is pretty tired!”

A tough Race 1 is now done and dusted, with all team yachts moored up in Puerto Sherry, and the Skippers, AQP and Clipper Race crew ready to celebrate their success and teamwork at tonight’s Prizegiving.

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