​Race 12 Day 17: Low pressure system for teams in closing stages

07 July 2016

A low pressure system delivering lots of squalls is over the teams still at sea and headed south east towards Northern Ireland having cleared the Rockall mark of the course.

The teams have also been in choppy seas, and still have to contest the infamously strong tides around Rathlin before crossing the LegenDerry Finale finish line just off Greencastle, County Donegal.

Da Nang – Viet Nam is due to finish this morning in seventh position, and Skipper Wendy Tuck was in reflective mood today remarking on the team’s final ocean crossing of the circumnavigation.

“I am a bit sad there are no more ocean crossings left, but we have done it. Now just a couple of sprints. Derry-Londonderry, we are looking forward to meeting you, you sound like a lot of fun,” said Wendy.

Visit Seattle, in tenth position, has been enjoying the conditions in the closing stages of the Atlantic race from New York.

Skipper Huw Fernie describes the last 24 hours, including his team’s fight to overhaul Mission Performance, ahead in ninth position.

“We had a good time of it going around Rockall with plenty of wind and a lot of surfing, we were so fast that the hard part was turning back around to go to Ireland.

“The wind did what it was meant to do, we just had a little more than expected. After it shifted we had some very uncomfortable sailing, fast downwind into an upwind swell. It was nice and bouncy but amazingly no one was ill, that in itself shows how far we have come since New York.

“All the while we've been chasing down the teams in front. Overnight Mission Performance has pulled away another few miles and the chances of getting them within sight by the finish line are fading. We still have the tides of Rathlin to deal with and they've already proved to be a game changer for some.

“At this rate we'll be in Derry-Londonderry tonight, this leg has been tough but fun and of course it's not over yet!” Huw added.

Greg Miller, Skipper of Mission Performance, also sounded upbeat and hopeful of a fast passage down the Northern Irish coast in the final stages of Race 12 in his Skipper report today.

“Today saw Mission Performance round the rock of Rockall. After a gybe to make our new course we were heading directly towards St. Kilda which is to the east due to the wind direction. We knew however, that it wouldn’t be long before we were pointing in the right direction as the wind came round more to the west, putting us on a direct course for Rathlin Island which is our final turning mark for this LegenDerry Finale.

“The weather is still grey and miserable out there as this low passes over us, but the sea-state and the wind seem to be abating already allowing us to carry more canvas, with (hopefully) an eventual hoisting of our kite and a fast passage down to the Northern Irish coast just 220 NMs or so miles away,” Greg added.

Also still at sea are Qingdao (eighth), PSP Logistics (eleventh)and IchorCoal which has accepted twelfth position and will head straight for Derry-Londonderry rather than completing the course extension. To read the Skipper reports, click here.

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