​Race 12 Penalty Points

21 July 2016

Given the intense battle for final positions as we approach the Clipper 2015-16 Race Finish in London on 30 July, the penalty points for Leg 8 are being allocated on a race by race basis.

Two teams have been allocated penalty points for Race 12 from New York to Derry-Londonderry.

2 points: LMAX Exchange (Sail damage)
1 point: Unicef (Equipment damage)

LMAX Exchange had its heavyweight spinnaker repaired and the cost of this took the team over the £500 threshold for incurring points for sail damage as per the Sailing Instructions.

Unicef lost a snap shackle during the race which took it to the £500 accumulated limit for equipment damage, and therefore is penalised one point.

Neither team’s position is altered in the Overall Race Standings by the penalty points but LMAX Exchange’s lead over Derry~Londonderry~Doire at the top of the table is narrowed to seven points. Unicef remains in ninth place, six points behind eighth placed Da Nang – Viet Nam and three points ahead of Visit Seattle in tenth.

Other yachts had sail repair and equipment damage but none of them passed through the £500 limit and therefore they receive no penalty points for Race 12.

For a full explanation on penalty points, click here to be taken to FAQs section of the website and select Sailing Incidents/Decisions from the drop down menu.

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