28 July 2022

The Clipper Race Committee has announced that the Race 15 course will be shortened and that racing will end at 0000 UTC on 29 July (0100 BST). This is due to the slow progress of the fleet after it has faced very light wind conditions directly after the Race Start and then heavy upwind conditions for the majority of the first 24 hours. Light and variable winds in the North Sea have further impacted fleet progress. The teams need to arrive in London’s Royal Docks for Race Finish on 30 July.

The finish point of Race 15 will now be calculated from each team’s position at 0000 UTC (29 July) to Virtual Mark Baxter, which was the next mark on the course. The Race Committee has been closely monitoring the fleet’s progress and the current weather forecast and it was determined that to ensure the team’s arrive into London on time, the call to shorten the course had to be made today (28 July).

The position of Virtual Mark Baxter is as follows: 52°40.000N, 002°10.000E.

Each team will send exact positions to the Clipper Race Office at 0000 UTC (0100 BST). Race Director, Mark Light, will then take each yacht's declared position and measure the distance to Virtual Mark Baxter. These measurements will be made using the Race Director’s TimeZero routing software for consistency.

The results of Race 15 will then be determined from these calculations and announced accordingly.

Due to the shortening of the course, the Ocean Sprint is now null and void as not every team has been able to complete this section of the race course. Therefore no bonus points will be available.

Earlier today, Imagine your Korea was offered and has accepted eleventh position in Race 15 and one race point. The team is now making best speed to the finish line by all available means including engine when necessary. Again, this decision was made to ensure that the Race Crew did not miss the celebrations at London’s Royal Docks this weekend.

After 0000 UTC (0100 BST) the teams will have officially ceased racing and may make best speed using all available means, including engine and can take the shortest route possible to the vicinity of Southend Pier (regardless of the Course Instructions). The fleet will still navigate with caution around the coastal areas.

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