Race 4 Day 22: Race within a Race

09 December 2019

And then there were six!

Following the nail-biting race for Race 4 podium positions over the weekend, arrivals continued into Fremantle overnight with GoToBermuda taking fourth place and WTC Logistics scooping fifth in the Marlow Ropes Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride.

The close result was fitting for the two teams that have spent most of the 4,750 mile-long race battling it out against each other in just one of a series of mini match races playing out across the fleet. Both teams are thrilled with their performance after achieving personal bests on the leader board.

Final Leg 3 sunrise for WTC Logistics

Meanwhile, the six remaining Clipper Race teams are concentrating their efforts to find the speediest arrival into port for the all-important remaining race points. The other long-standing tête-à-tête of Race 4 continues between Dare To Lead and Seattle. Focus remains in place on Dare To Lead with Skipper Guy Waites starting his blog today with the words “Game On”.

Speaking of the challenge ahead, Guy adds: “We have undoubtedly trained one anothers' crews, we have the same vehicle and arsenal of weapons for our duel. For now the weather is playing along with the forecast, which provides a little comfort from the impending windhole. Whomever emerges first from the hole could well become the winner of our race within a race.”

This windhole is something that the Zhuhai team has been particularly affected by in its closing stages. The frustration was absolute, with Skipper Nick Leggat exclaiming: “Aargh!!! 215 nautical miles to go and we have been becalmed for the last 12 hours, creeping along at less than 4 knots! At least we now know how Qingdao felt at the end of Race 1!”

Sail change aboard Zhuhai

The challenges were of a different nature on board Unicef, as the team made a gallant effort to repair their Code 3 Spinnaker, maintenance was required as a result of weather damage. Skipper, Ian Wiggan praised his crew for their hard work: “It took fully eight hours to finish the four rows of stitches required to properly fix the repair in place. Most are now nursing muscle aches in places they never thought existed, but are justifiably proud of the monumental effort.”

It’s game on indeed and elsewhere, the battle continues between Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China. Skipper of Punta del Este, Jeronimo Santos Gonzales said: “We are continuing making good speed, extending our lead over from Visit Sanya, China and we are around half way through our crossing.”

The race for sixth place continues to be an exciting one, with every twist and turn updated on the Race Viewer. Who will be the hero in the race within a race? All will be decided over the coming days ahead.

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