RACE ANNOUNCEMENT: PSP Logistics to Return to Uruguay After Rudder Damage

05 October 2017

UPDATE: 06/10/2017 - 1430 (BST)

PSP Logistics is continuing to motor-sail towards Piriapolis (near Punta del Este) and is expected to arrive around 1700 UTC Friday 6 October.

UPDATE: 05/10/2017 - 1545 (BST)

CV28 (PSP Logistics) has had a collision with a whale at approximately 1130 UTC today which has caused damage to the starboard rudder.

All crew are safe and well, nobody is hurt and there is no risk to the yacht. We have however, instructed the yacht to turn around and motor-sail back to Punta del Este where we can effect full repairs.

The team is expected to arrive in Punta del Este around 1400 UTC Friday 6 October.

Further updates will be made upon assessment.

For further updates, please keep an eye on the Clipper Race website.