Greenings Team and Yacht Update

15 November 2017

The Clipper Race has confirmed the reallocation of Greenings crew members across the rest of the fleet for Leg 4 onwards after the team ran aground shortly after leaving Cape Town at the start of Leg 3.

Efforts continue to remove the team’s yacht (CV24), from where it currently lies on a protected beach on the Cape Peninsula, as soon as possible in order to minimise any environmental impact. The boat had its fuel removed within a day of the incident, thus removing the risk of contamination to the surrounding area.

We now have a range of options to remove the vessel, to be carried out by professionals, but respect the desire to conserve the area. However ultimately there will need to be a judgement call by the authorities on the least invasive recovery method.

In conjunction with our insurers, we have decided that the cost of repairing the vessel will be uneconomic after removing it from its current location and it will be written off. Our priority now is on supporting the professionals in ensuring that the vessel’s removal is carried out in the most efficient and effective manner.

Following the reallocation of Greenings crew across the fleet, eleven teams will continue to participate in the Clipper 2017-18 Race and further updates will be provided in due course.


Clipper Race Chairman and Founder, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, talks through developments regarding Greenings (CV24) following the announcement on Wednesday 01 November that it will take no further part in the Clipper 2017-18 Race.


The Clipper Race Office has continued to support Greenings Interim Skipper, Andy Woodruff, and its crew following yesterday’s announcement that the yacht (CV24) will take no further part in the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

Clipper Race Director Mark Light praised the team’s response after running aground on the western side of the Cape Peninsula, as well as the incredible work of the emergency services. He said: “This is obviously a very unfortunate incident. However, the crew and skipper of Greenings did a great job of getting safely off the vessel. Clearly the training kicked in. The crew are so positive, they’re all together as a unit. We’re looking forward to getting them back into the race.”

He added: “We were in contact with the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI); they were deployed very quickly and were very professional. They sent five boats down and did a great job and, most importantly, got the skipper and crew safely off the vessel.”

The team were brought onshore from the CV24 yacht and relocated to Cape Town where debriefings took place and next steps were discussed with race officials. Mark Light reported: “It is important that an incident of this nature has a full investigation. The Greenings crew and Interim Skipper, Andy Woodruff, will be helping with that. We will make sure we get all the right information together in order to help any investigation going forwards.”

He added: “It is important for us to get the Greenings crew back into the Clipper Race. We have got several options going forwards and we’re helping them in lots of different ways so they can continue their Clipper Race with us.”

Greenings crew that are due to join the race, future race mates, and also their supporters, friends and families have been contacted by the Clipper Race office.

In the meantime, Leg 3 of the Clipper Race continues and Mark said: “We have still got a Clipper Race running and it’s important that we continue our support as we have got eleven boats out there racing to Western Australia. There will be a team, including myself, back in the UK looking after the rest of the race. Meanwhile Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is currently in Cape Town to lead any investigations [on behalf of the Clipper Race].”