Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride

09 December 2020

With the Vendée Globe fleet battling the Southern Ocean we thought we'd share more of what was captured as the Clipper Race faced its mighty force last year.

This footage was shot by Punta del Este Skipper, Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez, and you may need to grab onto something as you watch as it's a rollercoaster ride (especially at 37 seconds!)
Jeronimo blogged during this three week race: "We just had a really intense 24h sailing through a storm, a secondary low pressure system with 80 knots of wind and 12 metre waves. The sea was completely white from water spray and looked to be covered by snow, very Christmassy!
"Beautiful and challenging at the same time, with waves coming from different directions and some of them breaking on top of us. A really wet time for us but we have loved the experience, every minute and we also have a lot of respect for the difficult sailing conditions, we run a very safe boat and want to keep it that way.
"The storm was fast and furious and now it has been replaced by a radiant sun and the sea state is starting to calm down, so it’s time for me to recharge batteries to enable me to continue the fast run to Fremantle."

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