14 November 2017

The Race Committee has announced today that, following an official request from Unicef, the team has been awarded redress totalling 2 hours and 33 minutes for the time spent in support of the stricken yacht CV24 on 31 October at the start of Race 3: the Dell Latitude Rugged Race.

In accordance with the Clipper Race Sailing Instructions (24.d), the Race Committee may generally consider awarding redress in the event of a yacht going to assist another Clipper Race yacht or any other vessel requiring assistance.

On 31 October, the Race Director instructed Unicef to alter course and head back to a position approx. 2nm due west of CV24 and stand by in case of evacuation by the crew. Once the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) rescue teams were on station, Unicef was instructed to stand down and return to the position where they ceased racing and to resume racing as normal.

In total CV21 Unicef ceased racing between 2038 UTC until 2311 UTC on 31 October.

The redress does not impact on points awarded for the Scoring Gate on Race 3 as Unicef did not opt to pass through the Scoring Gate.

Final race positions for Race 3: the Dell Latitude Rugged Race will be announced after redress has been applied to the elapsed time.

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