Unicef in North America: Giving schoolchildren the power to save lives

25 May 2016

As the fleet begins to transit the Panama Canal and experience one of the engineering wonders of the world, they will voyage through the tropical heat and squalls of the Caribbean, before arriving at the bright lights of New York.

In January 2016, the US Fund for Unicef launched the Kid Power programme. This initiative rewards pupils for the number of steps they take, and then converts these points into funding to buy life-saving food for severely malnourished children around the world. Over 70,000 US schoolchildren are wearing a Unicef Kid Power band to track their physical activity, and an accompanying curriculum promotes physical fitness and global citizenship. Kid Power has now also been rolled out to schoolchildren in Scotland.

Malnutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of all deaths of children under age five. Globally, one in four children is malnourished – including 16 million children in danger from severe malnutrition. Kid Power helps Unicef provide life-saving food for severely malnourished children, such as eleven-month-old Aberahmanne, pictured. Specially designed sachets of protein and vitamin-rich peanut paste mean that these children can receive treatment in their homes and communities. Unicef provides 80% of the world’s supply of this therapeutic food, which has already saved the lives of thousands of children around the world.

Unicef and the Clipper Race are working together to make sure children can grow up happy, healthy and strong. Your donation can help put an end to hunger and ensure every child gets the nutrition they need.

The Clipper Race fleet is due to arrive in New York, USA, from 12 -14 June.

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Photo credit: © Unicef/UN05282/Dragaj

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