​Behind The Scenes: Masterful Maintenance

03 May 2019

The extensive refit of the eleven Clipper 70s is entering into its final stage, and the Maintenance Team has been busy making sure the fleet will look its best for the upcoming twelfth edition gets underway.

Here, one our Riggers, Henry, is busy spraying two of the booms as part of refit of the bespoke rigs for the Clipper 70s. While the video makes it look all too easy, it took a full day to paint, plus prep time.

Whilst you watch, here are some fun rig facts for you to enjoy!

  • The mast head sits over 90 feet above the water.
  • A Clipper 70 rig, with everything bolted on, weighs 1.4t.
  • With the standing rigging tuned, the mast base is loaded to over 30t.
  • The rigs are constructed out of extruded aluminium.
  • These rigs are unique to the Clipper Race Fleet.

Once the refit of the rigs is complete, Official Supplier Sta-Lok will get to work, providing over 450 bespoke fittings and 2150 metres of wire to kit out the fleet of Clipper 70s for the upcoming circumnavigation. Learn more about Sta-Lok’s here.