Capturing the Action: Qingdao

28 January 2015

Teams Qingdao

As part of our Behind the Scenes series, here at Race HQ we decided to take a look at the people who capture the action and emotion of the race: the photographers.

The conclusion of Race 9 during the 2013-14 edition saw the fleet arrive in the Chinese Olympic Sailing City of Qingdao and it was Beijing-based German photographer Olli Geibel’s task to showcase the fleet’s arrival.

“The most challenging part of capturing the action was manoeuvring myself into an ideal spot that was not totally overrun by onlookers,” reveals Olli.

Each team arriving in Qingdao was welcomed by fireworks and traditional drummers during a ceremony which has become a highlight of the race route.

“I imagine that after sailing for weeks without land in sight, it is always a special moment to sail into a port after a long race. Hence taking a picture from the top of the mast, as approaching the coast of Qingdao, surely should count as one of my favourite images.

“I also like some of the emotions caught when crew greet each other on arrival,” continues Olli.

“As with any outdoor event, the weather has a great influence on the images of course.

“Working on the boat is a challenge. Space is limited, with movement and angles restricted, and all your gear being at the mercy of the elements.”