Hyde Sails brand Race Spinnakers

04 March 2015

On board each of the twelve ocean-racing yachts taking part in the Clipper Race will be a wardrobe of eleven sails produced by Official Supplier, Hyde Sails.

Those sails including three racing spinnakers are currently under production as well as going through the branding process.

Each of the heavyweight and medium weight spinnakers will display the team’s name together with the race’s ‘Race of Your Life’ logo.

You can watch a video of the production process by clicking here.

“This is all about our crew. From their perspective, looking up and seeing the spinnakers emblazoned with the words ‘Race of Your Life’ will be truly exhilarating,” explains the Clipper Race’s Head of Brand Katharine Schäfli.

“Proof if you like, that they’ve the courage to take on the race of their lives. We’re staging an iconic, moment that will be a lifelong memory as well as a statement of the brand vision.”

The combined sail area for a Clipper 70 yacht is 1,530 square metres. To lay all of the sails on board out flat you would need an area the size of three football pitches. The total linier use of fabric on board a Clipper 70 is 2,000 metres.

Hyde Sails are supplying the sails for the fourth consecutive edition of the Clipper Race.