Notice of Race: Clipper 2019-20 Race

11 June 2019


1.Title of Race

The Race will be known as Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race (Clipper 2019-20 Race).

2.Date of Race

The Race will start on 2 September 2019

3.Organising Authority

The Race will be organised by Clipper Ventures Plc (the company). The company will appoint a Race Committee to control and run all the racing aspects of the race. The Race Committee will incorporate some independent members (i.e. not Clipper Race employees) The Race Committee is appointed as the official Protest Committee.


The Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race will be governed by:

  • The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 (RRS). No amendments or changes to RRS by other National Authorities will apply;
  • The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCS);
  • This Notice of Race dated 1 June 2019; and
  • The Clipper 2019-20 Race Sailing Instructions (SIs) and subsequent amendments

Where there is conflict, succeeding rules in the above shall take precedence.

6.Supporting Documentation

Yachts will be equipped to the standards required by the flag state of Malta and Category 0 Coding supported by all associated documentation. Yachts will be operated in accordance with:

  • Crew Training Manual;
  • Clipper Race Standard Operating Procedures for On Water Operations;
  • Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race Supplementary Standard Operating Procedures
  • Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race Sailing Instructions;
  • The Skipper, AQP and Crew contracts; and
  • Other special instructions that may be issued by the Clipper Race to control the running of the Clipper 2019-20 Race.

7.Eligibility and Entry

The Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race is NOT an open event and will have one class only, comprising of Clipper 70 yachts. The race will be run as a ‘one design’ class with no handicapping system.

Entry to the Clipper 2019-20 Race will be controlled by the company.

8.Sailing Instructions

The Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be published by the end of June 2019. Course Instructions for each individual race will be issued at each port before the start of that race.

In addition to the Sailing Instructions, Skippers, AQPs and Crew will have a verbal briefing prior to each race by the Race Director or person delegated by the Race Director.

9.Race Plan

The Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race will consist of a series of up to 16 individual races that will take the entrants on a route that will circumnavigate the world. The race route and individual race dates are contained within the published Race Schedule.

Detailed start, finish and course arrangements will be specified and confirmed in the Course Instructions for each individual race. The planned starting port for Race 1 of the Clipper 2019-20 Race is London, UK.

It is estimated that the race will finish in early August 2020. The company reserves the right to change the number of races, dates and race destinations as required in order for the race to achieve the overall planning objectives.

10.Penalty System and Protests

The penalties are in accordance with the RRS and the Clipper Race Sailing Instructions. Protests shall be submitted on the appropriate form in accordance with the RRS or, where amended, the Sailing Instructions.

11.Declarations and Scrutineering

All race entries may be subject to scrutineering by the Race Committee or a nominated deputy to ensure adherence to the Race Rules. All race entries must complete and sign a declaration (provided within the Sailing Instructions) at the end of each race which must be submitted to the Race Manager within one hour of arrival in the finish port.

12.Scoring System

Each race will be scored on a first home basis, with eleven points awarded to the first yacht across the line, ten points to the second, and so on, with the final yacht being awarded one point. Scoring Gates will be used on some individual races and the first three boats through each scoring gate will be awarded three, two, and one scoring points respectively.

Ocean Sprints will be incorporated into certain individual races and the three fastest yachts during the Ocean Sprint will be awarded three, two and one scoring points respectively.

Each team will have the opportunity once only to play a ‘Joker’ whereby the finishing points of that particular race will be doubled. This must be submitted to the Race Office in advance as per the Sailing Instructions (SI’s)

The points accrued in each race, at Scoring Gates and Ocean Sprints and Joker points will be totalled to produce an overall leadership table for the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race.


Pennants will be awarded to the first three boats across each finish line for each race.

The winning boat overall will be presented with the Clipper Race Trophy.