​Future Crew Catch Up – Meet Fiona Bond

03 October 2014

With the next edition of the race currently 70 per cent full, training is well underway for the crew like Fiona, who will race across the world’s oceans next year.

Training and safety at sea is an important part of the Clipper Race and all crew members must complete four levels of specialised training ahead of their adventure.

Starting today, we’ll be catching up with crew fresh from their latest training session to introduce you to our future race crew and find out how they are preparing for the race of their lives.

Name: Fiona Bond
Age: 37
Lives in: Walthamstow, London: UK
Occupation: Office Manager
Signed up for: 2015-16, Leg 3

What led you to sign up to the Clipper Race?
I was cold and wet on a London Tube platform when I saw the poster which said, ‘the race of your life, no experience necessary.’ I have never been on a boat before in my life and thought that it sounded like great adventure.

Why did you choose Leg 3?
I signed up for the Southern Ocean leg because I had heard so much about it being one of the ultimate sailing challenges, but I am also torn between Leg 7 that takes you through the Panama Canal because I think it would be an amazing experience to pass through such an engineering wonder.

How have you found your Clipper Race experience so far?
My experience so far has been so much fun but learning to sail is exhausting! The highlight so far has to be helming through some pretty rough seas. It took a lot of physical strength to get through it successfully and I felt a great sense of achievement afterwards. Everyone that I have met on my Level 1 and Level 2 training have been absolutely amazing people too.

How did your Level 2 compare to your Level 1 training?
Compared to Level 1, Level 2 was very different. Level 1 focuses on sailing terminology and practicing all the maneuverers whereas Level 2 is putting that into practice and life on the boat non-stop with no creature comforts! Having no previous sailing experience it has been challenging and rewarding to progress.

What are the main lessons you have taken away with you following your second level of training?
I have a much greater understanding of living in a racing environment; this is not going to be a day cruise and preparing to live in a way that is so completely different to the way you live anywhere else. It’s a whole different world and I can’t wait to start!

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