Meet Clipper 2017-18 Race Skipper Rick Powell

29 March 2017

Rick Powell spent much of his childhood fiddling with broken motorbikes and garden machinery but the qualified engineer has turned his back on a career as a mechanic in favour of pursuing his dream of sailing professionally.

Our Devon based Skipper’s sailing career began 18 years ago, when he took to the River Exe in a small dinghy after he had repaired its damaged hull. Since then, Rick’s flair for problem solving and enjoyment of the outdoors has led him to become an experienced Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, and Marine Engineer.

Rick is excited to combine his sailing, engineering and teaching background as he takes on the role of Skipper during the Clipper 2017-18 Round the World Yacht Race. He says: “I enjoy passing my knowledge to others and as a Skipper, I think it is important to understand and listen to team views but lead from the front.

“The most important piece of advice for my crew will be to treat slow as fast, think before doing and look out for your team mates.”

During the race, Rick is looking forward to transiting through the Panama Canal, which is often referred to as the world’s greatest engineering project. Rick is also looking forward to the Atlantic legs: “We will spend a lot of time sailing on the Atlantic. During the first crossing, I am looking forward to watching the team start out together as they get to know the boat and during the final leg, I am looking forward to watching an experienced team return home.”

Aside from sailing, Rick has interests in Sports Diving and self-sufficiency living.

Five things about Rick:

My life motto is: If you always do what you always you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

The last book I read was: Guy Martin’s autobiography.

My nickname is: I don’t have a nickname but if my wife calls me by my full name, I know I’m in trouble!

Tea or coffee: Builders tea. None of that posh stuff.

I am inspired by: Acts of courage and knowledge in people I know and have met.

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