Meet the Clipper 2017-18 Race crew: Zuzana Vybiralova

24 April 2017

NAME: Zuzana Vybiralova

AGE: 38

OCCUPATION: Business Manager


LEGS: The Southern Ocean Leg 3 and the Mighty North Pacific Leg 6

TEAM: Qingdao

A first for the Clipper Race, crew member Zuzana Vybiralova will make history this year as the first Czech Republican to take part in the race in eleven editions.

“I am very proud to bear the flag of my nation in the Clipper Race”, says Zuzana, who is based in London and first learnt about the race when walking past the iconic London Underground posters.

A former athlete, Zuzana says she relishes a challenge. Overcoming a sports injury as a teenager that had left her partially paralysed for a short time, Zuzana believes in giving her best and not giving in up in whatever she does.

“In my life challenges I have had to overcome physical pain as well as prove my mental strength. I like the notion of the Clipper Race being a race rather than your normal cruise. It means you are expected to push yourself to the limit (while staying safe) and as a result learn about yourself, human nature in general and hopefully also learn some invaluable sailing tips in the process.”

A keen sailor, Zuzana is no stranger to the ocean, holding an RYA Day skipper and Ocean certificates and recently participated in the ARC and Fastnet races.

“I am an endurance type of person, so in sailing I also enjoy long distances. And I like a good challenge, you could say the Southern and Pacific Ocean crossings in the Clipper Race are just that.

“My previous long distance sailing did not involve crew preparation, which looking back, was the reason for some of the interesting times we had. I really appreciate the Clipper Race’s efforts in ensuring a high level of on board sailing experience and knowledge sharing, as well as a fitness test to ensure crew safety before the start of the race.

“When I step on board I am looking forward to being part of the crew and having fun whilst doing our very best to win (it is a race at the end of the day!).”

Zuzana and her fellow crew during Clipper Race training

When asked what advice she would give someone preparing for their Clipper Race training, Zuzana says: “The Clipper 70 is a big boat with eleven sails and you need to be fit and strong to be on a boat of that size. If you have not started to lift weights yet, do!”

Think you have what it takes? There are still opportunities to join the Clipper 2017-18 Race crew, both for the whole circumnavigation and individual legs, though places are going fast.

If you would like to join the 670 crew from more than 40 different nationalities like Zuzana who are already training for the challenge, click here.

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