​Race 3 Update: ClipperTelemed+ accepts twelfth place in Wardan Whip

23 November 2015

After taking a tactical gamble to go furthest north in search of a better path to Albany, ClipperTelemed+ has found itself stuck in the centre of a high pressure weather system in extremely light winds.

With no useable wind predicted until at least tomorrow, and with the light conditions forecasted to continue for the coming days, Race Director Justin Taylor has offered a retirement option to the team.

Skipper Matt Mitchell has accepted twelfth place in Race 3 and will now start motor-sailing to make best speed in the prevailing conditions to reach Albany as soon as possible to allow time to prepare the boat and rest the crew for the next race.

It’s anticipated that ClipperTelemed+ will arrive in Albany on Saturday 28 November.

Race 4 to Sydney starts on Tuesday 1 December.

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