The Mighty North Pacific - reflections from the Clipper Race on an incredible ocean crossing

29 March 2022

The North Pacific, the world’s largest and most remote ocean, is home to some of the most challenging conditions sailors can face. Clipper Race Crew making this crossing can expect enormous waves and huge weather systems, with hurricane Force 12 winds and waves of over 20 metres not uncommon. It is one of the most anticipated stages of the circumnavigation, with many previous adventurers, returning for more.

The Mighty Pacific Leg of the Clipper Race faces this very crossing and offers unbelievably fast and unique sailing from Asia to the West Coast of the United States,

For the Race Crew currently facing this very challenge, Mark Light, Clipper Race Director says: “The crossing ahead will be huge. The Pacific Ocean is the biggest body of water on Earth, and the crew can expect huge depressions that will roll across every few days, making for huge waves and strong winds - you will not get sailing like this anywhere else in the world.

"It’s one of the most inhospitable environments, and a place that not many people get to go, let alone sail across. It’s hostile, but beautiful at the same time, and the crew can look forward to some really exhilarating sailing on this race.”

Race 10: Sailing City Qingdao Cup started on 24 March 2022, from the Philippines, and is 6,100nm and expected to take 30 days, with the eleven strong Clipper Race fleet due to arrive in Seattle between 16-21 April 2022.

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