Garzon Wines targeted Portimão wine fair coinciding with the Uruguayan Ambassador to Portugal visiting the team.

Yacht Club Punta del Este invited Her Excellency Ambassador Brígida Scaffo to visit the Punta del Este yacht whilst the team were in Portimão, Portugal. After being greeted by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Punta del Este Skipper Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez and his crew gave the Ambassador a tour of the yacht on which they will spend 30 plus days racing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ambassador Scaffo said of her visit: “I was very proud I could share your enthusiasm in promoting our best tourism destination as you travel around the world. My warmest congratulations on your achievement of arriving first into Portimão and my best wishes for your next adventures. I am looking forward to seeing you accomplish your dreams and I wish you the best in crossing the Atlantic and arriving at the charming place called Punta del Este.”

This will be the second time the city of Punta del Este has featured as a Race Partner, after it made its debut as a Host Port on the global race circuit in the 2017-18 edition. However, this is the first time the city - which is described as the St. Tropez of South America, has had a team entry. The aim is to use the Punta del Este yacht to use to fully leverage the international promotional reach of the Clipper Race.

“It was such an honour for the Ambassador to come all the way from Lisbon to visit us,” said Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez, Skipper of Punta del Este.

“It will bring huge motivation to the crew as it shows just how much Uruguay and Punta del Este are behind us. Ambassador Scaffo said we are a great team, carrying the Latin spirit of happiness.”

After her tour, Ambassador Brígida Scaffo gathered with the crew from Punta del Este and the other ten Clipper Race teams for a sunset toast of Garzon wine. Garzon Wines, a Team Supporter of Punta del Este, worked with the Uruguayan Embassy to use the event to showcase its wine to the Race Crew and visitors. Unique in the region, Bodega Garzón is leading the charge in wine-making innovation, varietal experimentation, and sustainability.