Hi all,

We have had some coverage issues with our sat-comms the last two days and it has just come back online (knowing the Clipper Race Office, they probably sent Tim and Blake into space to fix it!).

It's been interesting racing with no idea of other boats locations and also no up to date weather but in a way quite nice to be sailing "old school" and just focused on good boat performance and logical routing.

While we have been gone, we went through our Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint so who knows what those results will be as i think we all went through some kind of weather transition during it. Not far at all to Derry-Londonderry now and it seems hard to believe that our final ocean crossing is almost over.

It's hard to explain with the obvious excitement of seeing family and the comforts of home that there is almost an air of sadness on board, a sadness perhaps that we will re-domesticate ourselves and leave these wild watery wastes for a while and once again become land creatures.

Until Race Start : The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg Map + Race Standings