An inspirational legend

24 November 2014

More than forty five years since his historical circumnavigation, legendary Clipper Race founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, 75, continues to prove inspirational to adventurers around the globe.

Following his remarkable podium achievement in the solo, transatlantic Route du Rhum this weekend, Sir Robin received a hero's welcome to Guadeloupe, and messages of congratulations from sailors and fellow adventurers have flooded in from around the world, with many calling him “inspirational”, “a hero”, “a living legend”, “one of the greatest sailors the oceans have ever known”, and someone who has “salt in his veins.”

Sir Robin, the oldest entrant in the 3,542 mile Route du Rhum, finished third in his Rhum class into La Pointe À Pitre, Guadeloupe, after 20 days, 7 hours, 52 minutes and 22 seconds at sea, and says: “Since the moment I announced my entry in the Route du Rhum, I have been very moved by, and thankful for, the level of support I have felt from people all across the globe.

“Truth is, I am continually inspired by the thousands of crew members who have taken part in the Clipper Race over almost the last twenty years. Being so involved with the race, I have always felt a little green-eyed and envious each time I have waved the teams out to sea, as I wished so badly to be out there joining them. After getting on board for the Sydney Hobart in the last race, I just knew I had to get back out there and compete again. So really, I must also extend my gratitude to all the Clipper Race crew members for the inspirational effect that have also had on me and my decision to return to competitive racing.

“I absolutely enjoyed the Route du Rhum. Whilst it was a very tough, highly competitive race, it felt so great to be back at sea, where I always feel very at home. People have mentioned my age of course, but frankly, it is irrelevant when I still feel young and healthy. I have no plans to retire from competitive racing yet, that’s for sure.”

To read all the support for Robin, check out the recent posts on our Facebook page and search SirRKJ on Twitter.

Sir Robin developed the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race concept in 1995, and launched the first race the following year. 2015-16 will mark the tenth edition of the biennial Clipper Race, which has already turned over 3,000 novice sailors into ocean racers.

Have you been inspired by Sir Robin to challenge yourself? You too can follow in his footsteps and race around the world with the Clipper Race. You have to be a minimum of 18 years old to do the race and have good general fitness but there is no upper age limit; as Sir Robin says: “How can I turn down someone younger than myself!”

We’re recruiting crew members for the 2015-16 and 2017-18 race editions. Find out more here about joining the race of your life.

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