24 November 2017

The Race Committee has announced today that has been awarded redress totalling 1 hour and 30 minutes for the time spent in facilitating six new Greenings crew joining the boat in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on Sunday 5 November during Race 3: the Dell Latitude Rugged Race.

The team had initially been instructed by the Race Director to divert to Port Elizabeth in order to medevac an injured crew member. The medevac was planned to be carried out from the entrance to the port by RIB, but instead, and due to the opportunity to embark six new Greenings crew, the Race Director instructed the team to enter Port Elizabeth, dock, carry out the necessary actions with Customs and Immigration and then depart, exiting the port.

These extra actions totalled 1.5 hrs of activity that were not required for the original medevac and were instructed by the Race Director and were facilitated by the Clipper Race office.

In accordance with the Clipper Race Sailing Instructions (24.b), time spent on any diversions will normally count as time spent racing unless special circumstances warrant an award of redress by the Race Committee.

This situation has been duly considered by the Clipper Race Committee and as a result, has been awarded 1.5 hours of redress due to their extra diversion into the dock at Port Elizabeth.

Final race positions for Race 3: The Dell Latitude Rugged Race will be announced after redress has been applied to the elapsed time.