Olympic rower Bill Lucas completes the Southern Ocean leg 3

24 November 2015

Former Olympic rower Bill Lucas has completed the Southern Ocean leg 3, finishing fifth into Albany Australia, with his team GREAT Britain this morning.

Bill, 28, finished fifth in the London 2012 men’s double sculls but had to retire from rowing earlier this year due to injury. On Race 3, he represented GREAT Britain once again, this time in a rather different watersport, which took him out of still inland waters and into the Southern Ocean.

Bill didn't have any sailing experience before he took on the challenge as a GREAT Britain ambassador, and was used to competing in short races lasting minutes rather than weeks. He was relieved to be on land and said it had been a tough, long 24 days of racing.

“Everything I had prepared myself for it to be didn’t materialise, which took me by surprise, and other things were challenging.

“Mentally it was tough to get into the routine and life on board with the watches, and I suffered a lot from seasickness as well which was difficult.

“Having to keep going after you had done a really tough bit was hard, as normally in rowing I’d go home and rest, but you can’t do that on the boat and have to get up again four hours later and do it all again.

“A couple of times it got a little bit hairy on deck, and as our Skipper Peter was so relaxed I calmed down a bit.

“I spent a lot of time up on the foredeck where all the adrenaline was pumping, which I enjoyed.

“I really enjoyed being in a bigger team, and you find your pattern. They are a really good group, and I just tried to slot in and be useful were I could.

“I am looking forward to some food and a shower and some feature comforts. It feels strange to be walking on land,” Bill added.

Bill will meet local members of the Albany Rowing Club and give some coaching advice on Thursday at an event between 2.30pm and 5pm before returning to the UK. The public are welcome to attend.

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