Qingdao finishes in third, claims second podium of series

23 November 2015

The Qingdao team has crossed the Race 3 finish line into Albany, Western Australia, claiming third position, its second podium place out of three races.

The team crossed the finish line in third place, behind Derry~Londonderry~Doire, at Albany, Western Australia at 1226 UTC/2026 local time on Monday 23 November.

After a close-fought duel for a long part of the race, Derry~Londonderry~Doire took the advantage in the final 24 hours of Race 3 with a better wind angle over Qingdao which had to tack.

“This has been a very tough and challenging leg,” explained Bob Beggs, who took over as Skipper of Qingdao in Cape Town. “It was a baptism of fire for me, but the crew performed exceptionally. The Southern Ocean have a fearsome reputation and did not disappoint. Right from the start we had rough seas and high winds. Then, as we descended into the Roaring Forties, we tackled a combination of strong storm fronts and periods of lighter wind in high pressure.

“I have to pay tribute to the excellent teamwork aboard Qingdao; the crew worked very hard in difficult weather conditions. At times the wind was gusting at near hurricane force. It was a courageous performance in very difficult conditions.

"The crew are very good and I am pleased to be on the boat. Hopefully we can go for some first places, now,” added Bob.

Qingdao ambassador Fan Xiao, 32 of Beijing, was in tears upon arrival as she recalled what an emotional experience doing the Southern Ocean leg had been, and thanked Qingdao for the opportunity of being able to take part.

"At times it was so hard when it was so cold and we were constantly wet and the boat was uncomfortable, but we kept going and working hard as a team. I now see that I am able to achieve anything, and want others to know they can do the same, no matter how hard it may seem at first. This experience has proved that to me.

"We overcame a lot to get our podium position, and I am very grateful for that," Fan added.

The team has now berthed in Albany Waterfront Marina.

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