An impressively high number of Race Crew and Supporters took part in a beach clean to reinforce the shared message between the Yacht Club Punta del Este and the Clipper Race of sustainability. Walking 20 minutes along the coast from the marina, everyone donned their recyclable bags and gloves and picked up as much rubbish as they could from the beach. This was delivered back to the Yacht Club by the participants and recyclable material will be used to make buoys that will be used in the marina.

On the same day, an Eco-Kermesse was held in aid of Unicef by the Yacht Club and school children from the local area. This was a fayre that was centered on the theme of sustainability, so all activities on offer used recyclable material to create the items used for the games. Hundreds of people passed through over the course of the day, enjoying the games available and donating to Unicef along the way.

From both the Beach Clean and Eco-Kermesse, just over UYU $56,000 (£1,158.00) was raised for Unicef. Well done to everyone involved for this brilliant achievement.