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1 Feb 2024

Doldrums Corridor update- PSP Logistics awarded redress for assistance

UPDATE 7 FEBRUARY 2024 PSP Logistics awarded redress for assistance The Clipper Race Committee has agreed upon an award of redress for…


26 Sep 2023

Down in the doldrums…

Teams are now starting to hit the doldrums (official name is the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ) – a low pressure trough where there is minimal wind due to the convergence of the northeast and southeast trade winds but with intermittent squally conditions, which…


29 Sep 2020

The Dreaded Doldrums

For many when they think of ocean racing it is all about the big waves, big winds and difficult sea…


30 Jan 2020

Race 6: Out of the Doldrums and onto the Scoring Gate

After a day at the races that saw a total shake up in the current overall race standings, the teams are striving to assert themselves in Race 6: The Sanya Tropical Paradise Race, and making the most of the changing weather conditions. Ha Long Bay, Viet…


28 Sep 2019

​Race 2 Day 13: Doldrums Downtime

Another day of the Doldrums and motor-sailing through the corridor meant that the Clipper Race teams needed to get creative…


27 Sep 2019

Race 2 Day 12: Tropical Rain and Squalls in the Doldrums Corridor

Day 12 of Race 2: The Commodore’s Cup has turned out to be a humid, rainy one for the Clipper…


26 Sep 2019

​Race 2 Day 11: Life in the Doldrums

With all eleven Clipper 70s now within the Doldrums Corridor and free of the tropical storm Lorenzo, the fleet is…


25 Sep 2019

Race 2 Day 10: Tropical Storm Gives Way to Doldrums

For most of the Clipper Race fleet, Day 10 of Race 2: The Commodore’s Cup to Punta del Este, Uruguay, has been hot, sticky and windless. This can only mean one thing: the Doldrums have officially arrived. Qingdao and Unicef, which are currently in third and…


25 Sep 2019

The Doldrums Corridor Explained

As those of you who are keeping an eagle eye on the Race Viewer know, the Clipper Race fleet is…


24 Sep 2019

​Race 2 Day 9: Strange Start To Doldrums

The ninth day of Race 2: The Commodore’s Cup was a tale of two halves. As a tropical storm crosses…


14 May 2018

​Race 10 Day 14: Pre-Doldrums Dash

After two weeks of racing around the clock in Race 10: The Garmin American Challenge, the top seven Clipper…


4 Feb 2018

​RACE 7 DAY 5: Tactics Play Out in Doldrums Corridor

Tactical decisions are made as the typical Doldrums conditions of light airs and rain squalls return. On the fifth day of racing in Race 7: The Forever Tropical Paradise Race it is PSP Logistics which, for the first time this race, heads up…


3 Feb 2018

​Race 7 Day 4: Teams get Tactical in Fast Doldrums Corridor

And they’re off! Much to the delight of the majority of Clipper Race Skippers and their crews, the fourth day…


2 Feb 2018

​Race 7 Day 3: The Pre-Doldrums, Doldrums Return

The third day of Race 7: The Forever Tropical Paradise Race to Sanya was meant to bring high winds from a low-pressure system but instead, the Clipper Race fleet has seen the return of the dreaded Pre-Doldrums, Doldrums. This is not the first time the teams…


7 Sep 2017

Race 1, Day 18: Heating up in the Doldrums Corridor

Most of the Clipper Race Fleet is now deep into the Doldrums Corridor, with all ten teams who have so…


6 Sep 2017

Race 1 Day 17: Doldrums Tactics Play Out

Most of the Clipper Race teams are now within the Doldrums Corridor which is making for some interesting tactical decisions. Qingdao still leads the fleet with Sanya Serenity Coast up to second place and GREAT Britain not far behind in third. Skipper of Qingdao ,…


5 Sep 2017

​Daily Update Race 1 Day 16: Into The Doldrums

A milestone was reached overnight when leading team, Qingdao, entered the Doldrums Corridor. Skipper Chris Kobusch formally notified…


4 Sep 2017

Race 1 Day 15: The Approaching Doldrums

The Doldrums Corridor is fast approaching and with current weather predictions favouring teams towards the back of the fleet, it…


24 Aug 2017

Race 1, Day 4: The Pre-Doldrum Doldrums

Light winds continue to challenge during the fourth day of racing, which have caused the fleet to condense by 20…


15 May 2016

Race 10 Day 16: Forecast squalls set to liven up the Doldrums

As the PSP Logistics Panama Cup continues, life in the Doldrums is frustrating the teams regardless of their position in the fleet, with one team covering as little as 35 nautical miles in the last twelve hours of racing. In the blistering heat, intense concentration…


11 May 2016

Race 10 Day 12: Teams work to escape the Doldrums’ grasp

The lead has shifted once again in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup with ClipperTelemed+ now in pole position…


24 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 5: Doldrums frustrations eased by much welcomed winds

A significant wind-shift from south to north, bringing with it decent breeze, has helped get the fleet moving again on…


23 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 4: Doldrums duels keep teams moving

The teams are trying everything to keep their boats moving as they negotiate the light, shifty winds of the Doldrums…


22 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 3: Heat is on as the fleet nears Doldrums

GREAT Britain has taken the lead, making up ground on familiar rival Garmin in second position* after it had to carry out a repair to its spinnaker and peel to its medium-weight kite. The wind has lightened further in the Solomon Sea…


21 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 2: Tropical conditions as teams near the Doldrums

The teams have been contending with tropical squalls and patchy wind as they close in on the Doldrums in the…


14 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 14: Tropical weather tests teams as the Doldrums await

The teams are studying weather files carefully as they approach the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), known as the Doldrums…


13 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 13: Squall activity high as leaders approach the Doldrums

The conditions at the front of the fleet have become more tropical with lots of squall activity as the Inter…


4 Sep 2017

Race Director’s Report: The Doldrums Corridor Rule

It is possible for a yacht to be becalmed for days on end within the grasp of this windless area. So, in order to help preserve the arrival time into Punta del Este at the end of Leg 1, the Clipper Race Committee decided to…

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